Rite Bee is a platform for selling digital services over the internet. We Started in 2019, with the hope of connecting independent freelancers and Employers without taking up a large portion of the money they received in the form of commissions and processing fees.

We are a dedicated team of self-employed hard-working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make this platform worth using for self-employed people. We are fed up with this current independent system, and we have come up with this idea to help all freelancers online by providing the same quality of service at affordable prices and amazing services.

Rite Bee was launched for Freelancers to help them grow against high fees, commissions and transaction fees charged by other platforms in the market. In addition, all their foreign currency transactions are added to those higher commissions in the form of currency conversion fees. With us, you will feel that you are one member of Rite Bee team. Hopefully, our service will help you reduce commission costs and earn more.

Rite Bee is owned by

Sites management systems LLC

P O Box 90323,

Staten Island, NY, 10309.